The Brain is Kind of a Big Deal - Hardcover Book

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      Oh hey, guess what? New York Times best-selling writer, Nick Seluk, has come up with yet another hilarious non-fiction picture book that illustrates your body's very own computer known as the brain!

      Have you ever thought what your brain can do for you? It works around the clock to help you stay safe and alive. (Plus, it can make you laugh too by thinking of funny things.) So what is so special about the brain? Because it makes you, YOU, of course!

      This factual yet hilarious picture book from Nick Seluk, the creator of Heart and Brain, explains the science that goes on in the brain that helps you keep your heart beating, tell you when you are sleepy, remember stuff, and more. The brain takes charge of everything you do, every minute of every day for your entire life. That's really a huge deal.

      Each spread comes with texts in bite sizes and comic-style art as well as sidebars spread across the page. Anthropomorphized body parts and organs which are familiar characters from Nick Seluk's New York Times best-seller -- enable readers to learn through comic panels and funny jokes. Smart, funny, and accessible, The Brain Is Kind of a Big Deal is definitely an essential read!

      Exclusively at the Awkward Store this book is *SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR*

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