Organ Character Poker Card Deck

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      Her eyes narrowed as she gazed at her final opponent, seeking a tell. The tournament had been long and arduous, but she was determined to see it through to the end. Across the table, his face unmoving under his aviator sunglasses, he spoke coolly, "do you have any Gallbladders?"

      Her eye twitched subtly, though it was obscured by her visor and went unnoticed. She had memorized her hand from the Brain of diamonds to the Thyroid of Spades and without so much as a glance, replied with a smirk, "go fish."



      Premium quality 52 card poker-style deck includes two jokers (54 cards total).

      Custom art throughout deck and box featuring characters by The Awkward Yeti.

      Smooth easy-grip finish.

      Ships from our in-house casino.

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The Family Friendly Game Of Organ Harvesting!