Mystery Organ Collectible Pins SERIES 1

$ 15.00

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      This is one Mystery you NEED to solve.  What's in the box???  Why, it's our Series One Mystery Organ Pins!  These pins are top quality, generously-sized, and will snazz up your outerwear, accessories, and your life in general.  Collect the whole set!  Check the back of the box in the images above for the odds on snagging each character, including two super rare Mystery Organ character pins.  Possible characters (and the odds of getting one): 

      (Each Mystery box contains One Mystery Pin)
      Heart (1/6)
      Brain (1/6)
      Trachea & Esophagus (1/12)
      Pancreas (1/12)
      Liver (1/12)
      Bladder (1/12)
      Stomach (1/12)
      Kidney (1/12)
      Spleen (1/24)
      Appendix (1/24)
      Nose (1/24)
      Rare Mystery Character (1/40)
      Extra Rare Mystery Character (1/60)

      Each measures approximately .75 inches wide.

      Note: Pins are completely random and cannot be exchanged for a preferred pin. So why not get a few?
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