The Awkward Box!

$ 59.95

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      The Awkward Box is Finally Back Again!

      Every Awkward Box is packed with Awkward Store merchandise, which may include: Plushies! Games! Stationery! Stickers! Magnets! Mugs! Other Cool Stuff!

      You are guaranteed to get the brand new "Morning Jog" Water Bottle featuring Heart, Brain, Lars and Lungs! (They're exclusive to The Awkward Box so you won't find them anywhere else, like ever).

      On top of everything else you will receive a free Signed Olo Comic Book. Olo is Nick Seluk's new Comic Series! 

      By the way, these mysterious Awkward Boxes of delightful wonder (and wondrous delight) are limited and won't last too long!

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The Family Friendly Game Of Organ Harvesting!