Student Gifts

Here's a basic question: Why do people give gifts to students? Answer: Most often, it is to congratulate them for a job well done. Perhaps they graduated from the sixth grade, high school, college, or a technical course… the list goes on. Even if a student hasn't graduated yet, just to help them along their educational path, a gift can be encouraging and uplifting.

There are, of course, many reasons why we give people gifts. First and foremost, it is to bring a smile to their faces. Few things match the feeling you get from seeing someone open a gift you gave them and watching them thoroughly enjoy the experience.

When you give someone a gift from The Awkward Store, their enjoyment and glee will be hard to miss! They may chuckle out loud, fall on the floor in uproarious laughter, or simply smile.

What better way to congratulate or encourage a student than with a humorous comic, book, or game? You'll find some of the most unique comic renditions at The Awkward Yeti’s Awkward Store – that includes gifts appropriate for students.

Popular Student Gifts

Though not every one of the following gifts will be available at The Awkward Store, these are, in general, considered to be the most popular, or most appreciated, gifts for a college student:

  • Gift card to their favorite restaurant, retail store, online store, etc.
  • Gift basket filled with goodies
  • Cooling pad for their laptop
  • Electric kettle/single serve coffee maker
  • Noise canceling headphones
  • Backpack
  • Workout gear
  • Book
  • Planner

Best gifts for grade school students (grades kindergarten through sixth):

  • Classic board games
  • Funny graphic novels, books, pictures
  • Arts and craft supplies
  • Video games
  • Clothing
  • Sports gear
  • Backpack

 Best gifts for junior high school students (grades seven through nine):

  • Video games
  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Gadgets
  • Sports gear
  • Phone case
  • Backpack

Why Buy Student Gifts at The Awkward Store?

Nick Seluk is the imaginative genius behind all the works included at The Awkward Store. As a cartoonist, Nick has illustrated and authored every piece of merchandise you will find on The Awkward Store website. His goal in life – he always wanted to be funny. He has succeeded in no uncertain terms!

His Heart and Brain series has been named a Best-Selling Series by the New York Times. In the world of social media, he has been responsible for the popularity of the Awkward Yeti.

So, why purchase your student gifts from The Awkward Store? They’re sure to make your friend, relative, etc. smile, feel encouraged, and forget about the seriousness of their studies for a moment.

Gifts Offered At The Awkward Store

For the love of your life, favorite teacher, best friend, to wish someone a happy graduation, and more, we have numerous offerings for your review. Here are some of the types of gifts/merchandise we carry:

  • Gift Bundles
  • Prints
  • Books and Stationery
  • Gift Cards
  • Badge Reels
  • Drinkware
  • Stickers, Magnets, and Pins
  • Apparel
  • Art
  • Games
  • Plushies

Shop at The Awkward Store for Student Gifts

Shop The Awkward Store for student gifts like games, books, notepads, plushies, drinkware, apparel, jewelry, magnets, stickers, etc. If you know someone who loves to read comics or who enjoys a good giggle, check out our impressive inventory. In addition to the above stated items, we carry merchandise having to do with “Sarah's Scribbles”, Foul Language Comics (for older students), and more.

See what we have to offer today. If you purchased an item from us and have questions or issues regarding your purchase, you can directly contact us at