Are you looking for a variety of gifts and educational items for the staff and students at your school? If so, look no further than The Awkward Store. We stock a range of novelty items inspired by the works of the cartoonist Nick Seluk, who created The Awkward Yeti.

About Schools

Schools are always looking for fun and interesting ways to educate students on a wide range of subjects. The never-ending routine of traditional lecture-style classes can take its toll on students over time, some of whom may require a more interactive way of teaching and learning. Livening up the learning experience with educational bulk and wholesale gifts can be a great motivator. Besides that, bright and aesthetically appealing items such as prints, magnets and drinkware can put a smile on anyone’s face: teacher, administrative staff or student.

Plushies and Games for Schools

We stock a variety of plushies inspired by organs such as the heart, brain, kidney, gallbladder, liver and many more. Our games include stress toys, card games and board games that feature a combination of trivia, truth or dare prompts and scenario/response challenges. Students can learn from the vibrant illustrations of numerous organs and health conditions, allowing them to absorb information in an unconventional way.

Art, Print and Badge Reels for Schools

Are you looking for gentle motivators to reward your staff and students? Our colorful prints can be displayed around the walls of your school in prominent spots across classrooms and science labs. Lanyards and badge reels make a delightful gift for any student who has a passion for the biological sciences as well as any devoted teacher!

Books, Stationery and Stickers for Schools

Let’s face it: rote memorization may not always be the best way of drilling information into a student. With beautifully illustrated books such as “The Brain is Kind of a Big Deal” and “Heart and Brain: Body Language”, science can be made to come alive in an age-appropriate and humorful way.

Our stationery offerings include notepads that feature to-do lists, weekly planners and sticky notes that can go a long way to boost productivity and add some color to what would otherwise be a mundane activity! To top it off, our bright stickers, pins and magnets are an excellent way for students and teachers to personalize their belongings and showcase their individuality.

Gift Bundles for Schools

Choose from our gift bundles of badge reels, magnets, stationery and plushies to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to distribute them out as motivators or keep for yourself, these bundles provide great value for money!

Purchase Bulk and Wholesale Gifts for Schools from The Awkward Store

Are you looking to purchase bulk and wholesale gifts for your school that will make an impact? At The Awkward Store, we offer special bulk pricing for 25 or more items purchased. If you are looking to save some money and economize on shipping, simply contact us via email with a list of items and quantities you require and a friendly member of staff will be in touch!