Nurses & Doctors Gifts

Today, more than ever, a huge debt of appreciation is owed to the doctors, nurses, emergency workers, and more who care for us each and every day – especially throughout the pandemic. What thanks do they get? Sure, they get a paycheck. But many of them put their life on the line, particularly lately. If you know a doctor or a nurse – maybe they're a friend, relative, coworker, etc. – and you'd like to give them something really fun and special, we have some suggestions.

What better way to make someone happy and assist them in forgetting about the stress of the day, than with a humorous comic? You'll find some of the most unique comic renditions at The Awkward Yeti’s Awkward Store – that includes gifts appropriate for nurses and doctors.

Popular Nurses & Doctors Gifts

Though not every one of the following gifts will be available at The Awkward Store, they are, in general, considered to be the most popular, or most appreciated, gifts for someone in the medical field, such as nurses and doctors.

  • Gift card to their favorite restaurant, retail store, online store, etc.
  • Gift basket with goodies
  • Notebooks
  • Planner
  • Books
  • Games to help them unwind and relax during off time
  • Stickers/magnets for nurses or doctors who work in pediatrics
  • A bottle of wine
  • Lanyard
  • Personalized pen and pencil set
  • Phone case
  • Apparel appropriate for relaxation
  • Inspirational calendar… and more

Why Buy Nurses & Doctors Gifts at The Awkward Store?

Nick Seluk – the imaginative genius behind all the works included at The Awkward Store – has succeeded in no uncertain terms by achieving his life goal: Be funny! In the world of social media, he is responsible for the popularity of the Awkward Yeti. His Heart and Brain has been named a Best-Selling Series by the New York Times. What could be more appropriate for a doctor or a nurse than comics involving the heart and brain?

Purchase your nurse and doctor gifts from The Awkward Store. They’re sure to make your friend, relative, or coworker in the medical field smile through their everyday stress and strain – and that's what a gift is all about, after all. Make your favorite nurse or doctor smile today – maybe even laugh out loud – with a gift from The Awkward Yeti’s Awkward Store.

Gifts Offered At The Awkward Store

For the love of your life, doctor, best friend, favorite nurse, to wish someone a speedy recovery, and more, we have numerous offerings for you to purchase. Here are some of the types of gifts/merchandise we carry:

  • Gift Bundles
  • Prints
  • Books and Stationery
  • Gift Cards
  • Badge Reels
  • Drinkware
  • Stickers, Magnets, and Pins
  • Apparel
  • Art
  • Games
  • Plushies

Shop at The Awkward Store for Get Nurses & Doctors Gifts

When you want to give a medical professional a gift that is truly unique and fun, shop The Awkward Store. If you know someone who loves comics and all things related, check out our impressive inventory. In addition to the above stated items, we carry merchandise having to do with Foul Language Comics, “Sarah's Scribbles”, and more.

Nick Seluk’s creative comics cover categories that many never even consider. Think about topics like stages of grief, overanalyzing a situation, coffee time, and more. Some of those would be absolutely perfect for a head nurse or a doctor!

See what we have to offer today. If you purchased an item from us and have questions or issues regarding your purchase, you can directly contact us at