Is your hospital looking for meaningful and impactful merchandise to stock your gift shop with? If so, look no further than The Awkward Store for everything you need. We stock a range of novelty items that are inspired by the works of the cartoonist Nick Seluk, who is author and illustrator of several books. He is also the creator of The Awkward Yeti.

About Hospitals

As a place that promotes health and healing, the gift shop is often the first place that loved ones of patients stop by when they enter a hospital. Here, they can expect to find a wide range of gifts to lift up the spirits of their hospitalized friend or family member, keeping them occupied and motivated while they heal. Gifts are also a way of letting patients know their loved ones are thinking about them. With a wide range of novelty gifts, your hospital can allow visitors to have their pick when it comes to gifts that patients will love and can use.

Plushies and Games for Hospitals

You can find a variety of organ plushies such as the heart, brain, kidney, tongue, thyroid and many more at The Awkward Store. These plushies can make a funny gift for patients and we also stock an assortment of stress toys that can be squeezed and prodded for stress relief during medical procedures. Our card and board games allow patients and their loved ones to engage in some fun that does not require a lot of movement or equipment.  

Art, Print and Badge Reels for Hospitals

Are you looking for colorful and informative prints that can be plastered around your hospital’s offices, staff rooms and wards? Our prints feature funny comics and vibrantly colored illustrations that are sure to brighten up any space. Staff can make use of our lanyards and badge reels to hold their staff IDs, access cards, keys and many more.

Books, Stationery and Stickers for Hospitals

During a hospital stay, patients may be looking for something meaningful they can occupy their time with. You can find a collection of informative books at The Awkward Store such as “Heart and Brain: Body Language” that feature the two organs in its title as well as the tongue, gallbladder and muscles.

Our stationery collection is sure to keep any workspace organized: from to-do lists and weekly planners to sticky notes, staff can make use of these to organize their workload and they will also make great gifts. Bright stickers, pins and magnets can be purchased as gifts or displayed in staff rooms to brighten up the atmosphere or personalize belongings.  

Purchase Bulk and Wholesale Gifts for Hospitals from The Awkward Store

If you are looking to purchase meaningful bulk and wholesale gifts for your hospital, you can turn to The Awkward Store with confidence. We offer special bulk pricing for 25 or more items purchased, allowing you to consolidate orders and save on shipping. To place an order, simply contact us with a list of items and quantities you require, and a friendly member of staff will be in touch!