Games and Toy Stores

Games and toy stores are not just popular amongst parents with young children, but they are also considered a recreational outlet for adults. Stock up your shelves with official merchandise from the Heart and Brain comic series by The Awkward Yeti and expect to welcome lines of customers in no time.

About Games and Toy Stores

The toy industry in the United States is worth over $97 billion in 2019. It also created over 623,000 of jobs for the community in that same year alone. These figures make the United States the leading importer of goods within the games and toy industry. On average, there are approximately 8,500 hobby stores in the United States, which generate a combined annual revenue of roughly $ 17.4 billion.

Plushies from The Awkward Store

  • Sad Gallbladder Plushie – A plushie in the shape of a gallbladder that is about 6” tall. It is ideal as a desktop decorative which is made of a soft polyester and cotton mix.
  • Brain with Book Plushie – A plushie in the shape of a brain that comes with its own signature glasses and book.
  • Heart with Butterfly Plushie You can’t forget Heart, a plushie that comes with the ever allusive and enticing butterfly from the comics.

Tabletop Games from The Awkward Store

  • OrganATTACK! It’s The Family Friendly Game of Organ Harvesting! This game is medically accurate, and super fun for almost any age group. No wonder it’s a bestseller.
  • Heart and Brain: The Party Game This game customizes itself to your group. You’ll have to use your Heart and your Brain to engage in trivia, challenges, debates and more.
  • AnxietyATTACK! Stressing Out Has Never Been This Fun! This has a traditional board game feel with awesome artwork, and a twist at the end that will keep you coming back for more.

Art, Print and Badge Reels from The Awkward Store

  • Digital Wallpaper (Vol 3) 5-Pack – This is not a physical wallpaper. It is a digital wallpaper that comes in a set of 5 wallpapers in a variety of sizes to suit various computers or mobile phones.
  • Heart and Brain Original Acrylic Painting Set – Each set consists of 2 original paintings by Nick Seluk, the creator of the Heart and Brain comic series.

Books, Stationery and Stickers from The Awkward Store

  • Heart and Brain Sticky Note Set – Each set consists of 2 note pads; 1 Heart and 1 Brain set of 100 sticky sheets each that measure 3"x3"x 0.5".
  • "The Plan" Weekly Planner Pad – A planner that is ideal to help you organize your days in a more systematic manner. The pad features both Heart and Brain characters.
  • Heart "I love you with all of my me!" Greeting Card – Present your loved ones with the iconic quote from Heart fit for any special occasion.

Purchase Bulk and Wholesale Products for Games and Toy Stores from The Awkward Store

The Awkward Store offers a wide range of bulk and wholesale products for you to choose from. Stock the shelves of your games and toy store with high-quality merchandise from the Heart and Brain comic series to attract a wide target audience. Our products are safe and suitable for almost all age groups, are fun to play with, and educational at the same time. There are many forms of merchandise to choose from to suit the unique needs of your games and toy store. Purchase in bulk to enjoy wholesale prices that let you reap plenty of savings without being shortchanged on quality and service.

For high-quality official merch from the New York Times bestselling comic series by The Awkward Yeti, Heart and Brain, order from The Awkward Store today. Feel free to contact us if you any questions.