Educational Facilities

If your educational facility is looking for bulk and wholesale gifts that are impactful and educational, The Awkward Store is your one-stop shop. We stock a range of novelty items inspired by the works of the cartoonist Nick Seluk who is the author and illustrator of several informative books. He is also the creator of The Awkward Yeti.

About Educational Facilities

Educational facilities can range from elementary schools to colleges as well as polytechnics and vocational schools. Depending on the type of facility, a combination of hands-on and lecture-style teaching methods may be employed. Sometimes, teachers and administrative staff may be looking for ways to make learning come alive for students. Getting educational gifts and items for students can be a great way of keeping them engaged. On the other hand, teachers who are passionate about their subjects can personalize their belongings with some fun novelty items!

Plushies and Games for Educational Facilities

At The Awkward Store, we carry a variety of organ plushies such as the heart, brain, kidney, liver and many more. We also have a range of stress toys and OrganATTACK plushies that include the bubonic plague, cancer, and outbreak. Students and teachers who are enamored with the study of biological processes will love them. Our card and board games allow players to engage with trivia while having fun at the same time, making for an excellent pastime during or in between lessons.

Art, Print and Badge Reels for Educational Facilities

Packs of digital wallpapers can be purchased and downloaded onto phones, tablets, and PCs to brighten up any student’s or teacher’s day. Our prints can be put up in prominent locations around your educational facility including lecture halls and science labs. With lanyards and badge reels being small, portable items, teachers and students can put them to good use to hold their student IDs, access cards and many more!

Books, Stationery and Stickers for Educational Facilities

Are you looking for an interesting and engaging way to explain certain biological processes to your students? If so, these colorfully illustrated books will do the trick. From “Heart and Brain: Gut Instincts” that feature vital organs such as Bowels, and Stomach to “The Brain is Kind of a Big Deal” that shares more about the brain’s functions.

Amongst our stationery collection, you can find a range of notepads that feature to-do lists, weekly planners and sticky notes to spice up your office and workspace. In addition, our bright stickers, pins and magnets are an excellent way for students and teachers alike to personalize their belongings, showcasing their individuality.

Purchase Bulk and Wholesale Gifts for Educational Facilities from The Awkward Store

If you are looking to purchase meaningful bulk and wholesale gifts for your educational facility, look no further than The Awkward Store. We can offer special bulk pricing for 25 or more items purchased, a great way to save on shipping costs and consolidate orders. To place an order, simply contact us with a list of items and quantities you would like, and a friendly member of staff will be in touch!