Awkward Bulk / Wholesale



Are you looking to get something in large quantities? If you need items that come in huge bulks (a total of 25+ items), we can offer you special bulk pricing! Contact us through email with a list of your selected products and the quantities and we’ll assist you in every way. This is the perfect way to save money (and shipping costs) with your coworkers or friends. An example of a common bulk order would be getting badge reels for all of the nurses at a hospital.




Interested in distributing products or selling them in your own brick-and-mortar retail store? Contact us! We'll gather a little info about your business, and get products to your store or warehouse in just a few days. We can handle anything – from a small mom and a pop store that requires only a few dozen products, to full-service mass production.



Are you looking for meaningful gifts that are also educational? Not every student learns best from traditional lecture-style classes, and others can simply require a little motivator from time to time. Our bulk and wholesale gifts at The Awkward Store include prints, magnets, pins, apparel, drinkware, plushies, stickers, and many more. Students and teachers alike can personalize their belongings with these fun items. In addition, brightly illustrated and informative books can help students acquire information in a new and interesting way.


Gift shops and staff rooms are both important places within a hospital. Having a selection of appropriate gifts is a must for visitors who have come to visit their hospitalized loved ones and keeping staff rooms brightly colored can help to keep employees’ spirits up. The Awkward Store carries a wide range of novelty gifts, enabling visitors to have their pick and staff rooms to be decked out in style.

Educational Facilities

From colleges to vocational schools and polytechnics, there are many educational facilities across the nation that employ a wide range of teaching methods. Most make use of a combination that includes lecture-style teaching and tutorials as well as hands-on exploration. With an assortment of fun educational merchandise, learning can be made to come alive for students. Staff and students who are passionate about their subjects can also personalize their belongings and workspaces with fun notepads and weekly planners, badges, pins, and stickers!

Medical Practices

Visiting a medical practice can be stressful. One good thing that can lift up patients’ and visitors’ spirits is fun and meaningful gifts. When you purchase bulk and wholesale gifts for your medical practice, you can choose from a range of drinkware, stress toys, apparel, prints, stickers, magnets, and more. Something small to bring home that will put a smile on your own or someone else’s face can go a long way!

Games and Toy Stores

Games and toy stores today are always looking for new merchandise to bring in, particularly if they are new, novel, and interesting. At The Awkward Store, we carry a range of plushies inspired by organs such as the tongue, heart, thyroid, lungs, and more. We also have card and board games that combine trivia, truth/dare prompts, and scenario challenges – they are sure to be a fun time for everyone involved!

Why Choose The Awkward Store?

Looking to purchase meaningful bulk and wholesale gifts for your educational or healthcare establishment? If so, The Awkward Store can offer special bulk pricing for 25 or more items purchased, allowing you to consolidate orders and save on shipping costs. For more information or to place an order, simply contact us with a list of items and quantities you require, and a friendly member of staff will be in touch!