ImmunoWars Tabletop Game and STD Booster Pack Bundle

$ 57.00

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      ImmunoWars is a highly strategic game based on science, medicine, and real world monsters called ‘viruses and bacteria’. The game is a mixture of dark humor, entertainment, cool visual content, unique mechanics, and amazing educational value.

      For: 2-6 players

      Age: 16+ (NOT for kids)

      Duration: 1 hour (average)

      Dark humor - Discretion Advised


      – 108 playing cards
      – 112 tokens: 36 HP, 16 ATP, and 60 timers
      – 6 player dashboards
      – 6 rule cards
      – 2 dice
      – 1 rulebook

      Also receive the STD Booster Pack!

      Expand your ImmunoWars collection with a bunch of late-night bioweapons. Feeling itchy this morning? Infect your enemies with sexually transmittable diseases, such as Syphilis, Herpes Simplex, and Gonorrhea.

      Age: 16+ (NOT for kids)

      Sexual Content - Discretion Advised


      32 additional STD-related playing cards

      Immunowars was created and manufactured by some friends of ours in the Netherlands who also have an affinity for Science, Medicine, and Education.

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