OrganATTACK! Card Game and Team Play Expansion Bundle

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      The objective of this game is to harvest your opponents' organs before they harvest yours. Be the last person standing with an organ to win the game! To attack other players in the game, simply use similar ailments. For example, pair Thyroid with Thyroiditis to afflict an attack. Don’t worry, medical knowledge is not needed. You can learn to play in just one round. 

      Thanks to almost 13 thousand backers on our Kickstarter, we are able to produce OrganATTACK and even include a Ready Player Six Expansion Pack in the first edition of this game! This expansion pack includes an additional four organs and their related ailments, as well as many other new cards you can have fun with! The pack is a wonderful addition if you want to add more people into the game or simply want to elevate the level of excitement when playing.

      Visit to find out more information on this game. You can also watch tutorial videos on the site to learn how to play the game.

      The First Edition game comes with the following:

      1 Organ Deck
      1 Attack Deck
      1 Ready Player Six Expansion Deck (which includes four new organs)
      1 Medical Journal magnetic closure box
      1 Rulebook
      1 Bookmar
      1 High-quality protective cardboard sleeve (refer to 2nd image)

      OrganATTACK! Team Play Expansion Pack

      Want to take organ harvesting to the next level? With this team play expansion pack, you can now form teams and challenge other teams to defeat them! You can carry out different moves such as Concurring with allies to initiate coordinated attacks, Quarantine other teams to freeze their play, or saving your allies by administering CPR. Assemble your own team to take on your opponents! The team with the last standing organ wins.

      This expansion pack also contains 1 rules card and 27 new play cards for team play. To use this expansion pack, you must already have the original OrganATTACK deck on hand.

      This game is recommended for players aged 8 and above. It may not be suitable for people who are sensitive to playing a game about certain medical conditions. For example, a player may be triggered when certain ailments such as the Cancer card are used against the opponent to attack their organ card.


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The Family Friendly Game Of Organ Harvesting!