Why Should Teachers Create A Classroom Theme?

Posted on June 27 2022

As teachers, we may spend a lot of time and effort thinking about how to make learning interesting for our students. Do you know that creating a classroom theme is one of the ways you can engage them? Having a classroom theme can give students a sense of belonging and make it fun for them to go to school. Creating a classroom theme doesn’t have to be difficult and you do not need to be an artistic person to be able to pull it off.  Here are a few reasons why creating a classroom theme can have a positive impact on your students.

Give Students a Sense of Identity

Creating a classroom theme should be a class activity rather than your personal project. You should involve your students in the planning process. Let the kids decide what themes they want for their classroom. You can even assign different parts of the classroom to groups of students and give them free rein to do up their assigned corners. Set aside time after school so that students have more time to work together and bring their ideas to fruition.

When you involve your students in this way, the end result of this project will be something that is truly theirs. The kids who have contributed their ideas and participated in putting up the decorations will take ownership of their classroom and in so doing, experience a sense of belonging. Once the classroom decorations have been put up, your students may even feel more motivated to go to school. With a classroom that gives off such fun and vibrant vibes, who wouldn’t enjoy going to school?

Help with Classroom Organization

As adults, we are often mindful of our work environment and will implement systems to help us be more productive. Similarly for kids, having an organized learning environment will allow them to become productive learners too. Your classroom theme can contribute to your classroom organization. For instance, if one corner of the classroom has a farm theme, you can use colors and fonts associated with a farm to set up a reading corner for your students. Crates can also be used in place of boxes for students to hand in or collect their assignments. 

Enrich Students’ Learning Experiences

Take some time to consider the following: What do you remember most about your school days? Can you even recall what you’ve learnt from the textbooks? Do memories of what you did with your teachers and friends come back to you instead? Research shows that students retain knowledge better when their learning experiences are multi-dimensional. This can be achieved when you integrate your classroom theme into your student’s learning.

For example, you can have a corner in your classroom where kids paste sticky notes of new vocabulary that they’ve learnt for the week. You can designate another place in your classroom that promotes social-emotional wellness with positive print messages. The possibilities are limitless; use your imagination!

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