Where To Buy Unique Educational Gifts For College Events

Posted on January 31 2022

It is always difficult when trying to search for gifts, especially for college students. Giving gifts at a college event is a good way to show students that learning can be fun at any age. The Awkward Store by The Awkward Yeti features some unique educational gifts for college events.

Lars the Awkward Yeti, the Medical-Themed Book

The Awkward Store features some of the funniest medical-themed books that are far from boring. Lars the Awkward Yeti is a book written and illustrated by cartoonist Nick Seluk. Being a socially awkward yeti, Lars always has trouble trying to get by in his day-to-day life. Lars depicts a cartoon version of Seluk as it helped him to work through his social anxiety. This has allowed a number of people who suffer from social anxiety to realize that they are not alone in dealing with this condition.

Heart and Brain Series,

Heart and Brain is another book series from The Awkward Store. It features Lars’s heart and brain as the two main characters. It illustrates the relationship between the emotional Heart and the logical thinking Brain. This book series also includes Heart and Brain: Gut Instincts and Heart and Brain: Body Language.

Portable Chargers

Avoid the hassle of having a dead phone or laptop with a power bank. Portable chargers are a great gift for students as they will never again have a reason for not handing in their homework and projects on time. Portable chargers can recharge multiple devices at once and offer many uses from a single charge.


Taking and reviewing notes are a huge part of any student’s life. It may be easy for students to record lectures nowadays, but research has shown that handwritten notes are a lot more effective than typing or recording on a digital device! This is one reason notepads will always make a great gift for any college event.

Coffee Mugs

Students falling asleep during class? Get them a coffee mug from The Awkward Store. With funny and colorful designs on them, it is a reminder for them to take it easy and embrace the process of learning. Now they have no reason to be falling asleep again!

AnxietyATTACK Board Game

Students love games, so why not get them an educational board game? The Awkward Store features some games that are fun and age-appropriate for college students. AnxietyATTACK is an intense board game where players must send their opponents into a spiral using cards while they move closer to the objective.

OrganATTACK Card Game

If board games are not interesting enough, how about a card game? The objective of OrganATTACK is to remove your opponent’s organ before they remove yours. The last person who still has at least one organ left is the winner. This game requires no medical knowledge and takes about one round to learn, making it a fun and inclusive game for all.

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