What To Consider When Decorating A Doctor's Waiting Room

Posted on June 20 2022

A well-designed and carefully thought-out doctor's office waiting room can make patients and their families feel at ease and relaxed when they are in the space. While the first consideration you might have would be the general safety and hygiene of the area, the aesthetics and design of the room are equally as important. Here are some great tips and tricks to take your doctor's waiting room décor up a notch!

Soothing Color Schemes

When designing for the healthcare environment, you should keep in mind some crucial keywords: soothing, calming, and comforting. Hospitals and clinics can feel intimidating to many as their exterior can look cold and institutional. Going for softer, neutral color palettes is a great way to transform the space's atmosphere and help to make first-time patients feel less anxious.

As for the furniture, selecting chairs and tables in green, brown, or gray hues can help give the space a homely feeling. As the reception area is the first thing the patient sees when they walk into the waiting room, be fastidious about selecting the table's material – a laminated, softwood colored one can help bring comfort.

Comfortable Seating

The seating area is where the patients would be spending most of their time during their visit to the doctor. Therefore, it is one of the most important spaces that you should give attention to. The seating area should not only be well-padded and comfortable, but they should also be durable and easy to clean. There should also be various options accessible to all patients, including chairs with and without armrests, sofas for couples, or parents with children, and even bariatric seating for the guests or patients who require it.

Incorporating Comfort into the Space

Waiting in the seating area can be a dreary experience. However, you can turn it into a more positive experience by offering your patients and guests a range of entertainment and amenities. This could include providing reading materials like books and magazines, and complimentary Wi-Fi, having a beverage corner and workstations with charging points, as well as a designated play area for children to kill time while waiting for their doctor's appointment.

Incorporating these features can help to make the waiting time a little more bearable and enjoyable. In addition, it can even bring comfort and distraction to patients who might be feeling very anxious and stressed out about their upcoming appointment.

Contemporary Art and Décor

When thinking about embellishing the space, the artwork and décor you add should complement the calming color palette of the waiting room. To bring the room's look up a notch, choose contemporary art pieces that bring eye-catching pops of color and add diversity into the space. Adding faux plants and paintings with depictions of nature is also a great way to fill up dead spaces and bring a sense of serenity and peace to the waiting room.

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