What Pediatrician Offices Need To Know To Keep Kids Preoccupied

Posted on January 24 2022

For those who work in pediatrician offices, it can be a challenge to keep children in the waiting area occupied and entertained. You can't always rely on the parent or guardian to keep them occupied. In this scenario, you need some creativity to keep children engaged while waiting. Here are some thoughts on how to keep kids occupied in a pediatrician's office and similar settings.

Movies and Videos

Consider the age of the majority of children visiting your office and choose some videos and movies appropriately targeted to them. So that you can play a variety of movies, consider having a DVD player or streaming service. You'll need more than just this, however, to keep every child busy. Some kids are simply not interested in what’s on screen.

Set Up a Reading Corner

Quiet time is encouraged by books that are easy to read for various age levels of children. A parent can sit with a child in the corner and read, or the child may wish to thumb through a book or magazine on their own. Make sure the shelves are low enough for children to reach. Have a chair or chairs that are comfortable, stackable pillows, or a cushy rug or mat for the kids to sit on.

Offer Various Activities

If your waiting room has the space, an art station is an excellent way to encourage children to use their imaginations, be creative, and stay busy. You will want to stock some papers, coloring books, and crayons. You may want to stay away from paints and liquid items because they can get messy.

Reward Good Behavior

If a child completes a particular activity taking place in the waiting room, consider offering a pick from a reward bin. This can even be a reward for good behavior, such as braving their doctor’s visit. Prizes can include inexpensive small toys, candy, stickers, etc. Even for something as seemingly “minor” as a customary checkup, a child can be rewarded for good behavior by choosing a toy from this bin!

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