Unique Onesies For Babies That Physicians Will Love

Posted on January 17 2022

Onesies for babies are a unique piece of clothing every parent will dress their new-borns in. Not only are they unisex, they come in a wide range of selections for different needs and weather conditions. They are also convenient for changing babies with the flap at the bottom. In this article, we share with you some top tips for choosing baby clothes and onesies that physicians will love.

Choosing the Right Size

Unlike clothes for adults, children’s and babies’ clothes are typically sized according to age. For babies, this goes by months. One thing you should take note of is not to blindly select a size based on your baby’s age, as every baby develops at different rates. If your baby is significantly bigger or smaller in size than others their age, it is worth comparing the actual measurements instead of shopping by age.

Look for Convenience

We understand that you may want to dress up your baby to look cute. After all, they are only this little once. However, always remember that babies need several changes of clothes in a day as their clothes get soiled easily. Whether it is milk, pee or other bodily fluids, your baby will need to be snapped in and out of their clothes frequently. Make this easy on yourself by choosing clothes with snaps and fasteners such as onesies.

Watch Out for Dangling Pieces

Frills and ribbons may look cute when that dress is hanging from a rack in the store, but not so much when it comes to dressing your baby. Yes, they may look gorgeous, but you also run the risk of your baby getting tangled up in them. This is a style you want to avoid until your baby gets older – strangulation is a very real risk, especially with longer ribbons.

Avoid Buying Too Many

Since babies require changing so often, you may think it makes sense to buy more clothes for your baby. This is not wise because babies grow out of their clothes very soon. When in doubt, ensure you have a few months’ worth of clothes your baby will need, and stop. You can always buy more later, but once your baby outgrows any piece of clothing, they will basically be relegated to the back of the closet, never to see the light of day again (that is, until your baby gets a new sibling or cousin!).

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