Two Creative Ways To Display Your ID Card Using Fun Badge Reels

Posted on June 13 2022

Traditional cardholders are not the only ways people can display their ID cards. With the use of retractable fun badge reels, ID cards can be displayed in interesting ways. Also known as retractable card holders, badge reels are popular accessories to carry cards across almost all industries. This is because badge reels are so easy to use, convenient, and allow you to showcase your individuality!

Although there are many types and designs of badge reels, they all serve the same purpose: hold and display cards while allowing them to be pulled away for scanning and swiping purposes to open doors. This function is what makes badge reels so popular, as it brings about so much convenience and it means that you will no longer have to remove your cardholder to scan your cards.

Aside from its functionality, its next biggest appeal would be the ability to customize and design your very own retractable badge with slogans, logos, imagery, and others alike. Badge reels are ideal for internal use at work, as well as for promotional use outside as a means of marketing such as being given out as giveaway items.

Types of Fun Badge Reels

Now that we understand the appeal of fun badge reels, let us take a deeper dive into the different types of badge reels and the three creative ways you can use to display your ID cards.

  • Flat-labeled badge reels. Standard multicolor flat labels are the most affordable kinds of customizable badge reels. Flat labels are like stickers, where your custom design is printed onto an adhesive-backed material before being applied to the face of the reel. One drawback to note is that flat-labeled badge reels tend to wear out over time which results in the image fading over time.
  • Dome-labeled badge reels. Dome labels offer all the standard features that flat labels have, with an added bonus of clear dome being applied over the custom imagery. This dome acts as an active barrier, helping to prevent fading out imagery that occurs in flat labels. As such, dome labels are mostly seen in organizations with outdoor work environments or when the employee is frequently exposed to water. Other than being superior in durability, dome labels are also more professional-looking, with edges of the dome slightly raised.

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