Top Tips For Teachers To Plan A Classroom Theme

Posted on June 06 2022

Just like how you have lesson plans for your lessons, planning a classroom theme is almost as important as executing it. If you are involving your students in the process of planning, you will also need to provide some form of guidance. Kids are creative and imaginative, but they may need us to facilitate their discussion and draw boundaries for their creativity. You certainly do not want a simple classroom theme project to drag on for weeks just because your kids can’t agree with one another. You also wouldn’t want your classroom theme to end up being very different from what you envisioned it to be. With proper classroom theme planning, you will be able to avoid many pitfalls and disappointments.

Keep the Purpose of the Project in Mind

Why are you creating a classroom theme in the first place? Is the classroom theme discussion meant to be an ice breaker activity for your students? Do you intend to reinforce your students’ learning by using one of your subjects as the classroom theme? Perhaps you may be creating a classroom theme so students can have a sense of belonging once they decorate their classroom. Regardless of what your purpose is, keeping it in mind is important while you go about your planning.

If the purpose of the classroom theme is more for education rather than aesthetic, then you might have to settle for content-based prints instead of attractive posters. If you intend to use the classroom theme discussion as an ice breaking activity, then keeping the discussion fun and exciting is more important than the decorations that eventually make it up to the boards.

Incorporate Your Students’ Ideas

In the brainstorming stage, allow the kids to throw in their ideas. Draw a mind map on the whiteboard to keep track of the ideas and encourage students to keep them coming. Depending on the situation, some kids may be too shy to participate. If that’s the case, you can give little gifts to encourage participation. You can also play some music to lighten the atmosphere and help them relax. Accept everyone’s ideas. Ultimately, you can have students vote for their favorites to implement.

Always encourage participation and show appreciation for students’ input. By incorporating their ideas, you are motivating them to participate in classroom activities and giving them opportunities to make their classroom truly theirs.

Execute the Classroom Theme with Group Work

There are lots of benefits associated with group work. Firstly, students get to learn how they should deal with their friends’ perspectives and ideas when they are contrary to their own. Group work also allows students to learn to manage their time and complete their tasks within the given time frame. A fun group activity is the best way to reinforce the importance of teamwork in your students and build a sense of camaraderie among them.

You can also vary the group size for different activities. Students can brainstorm ideas individually and in pairs but execute the classroom theme’s final plan in larger groups. Different groups can be assigned to work on different parts of the classroom. Varying the group size is a good way to make sure that different students have opportunities to work with one another.

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