The Do's And Don'ts Of Buying Onesies

Posted on May 30 2022

In recent years, onesies have been growing in popularity and have essentially become quite the craze. This comes as no surprise, given how easy and comfortable onesies are. Onesies are perfect for sleeping, lounging, and can even come in handy for costume events. Interestingly, what was once thought to only be meant for babies is now being widely used by adults.

If you have never owned a onesie or do not have experience in getting them, there are some things you should take note of before purchasing a pair of onesies. Read on to find out more about onesies and learn some useful onesies buying tips.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Onesie

Choosing a size for your onesie will slightly differ from choosing other separate clothing. Preference also plays a part when it comes to choosing the right size, as some people prefer to have their onesies oversized and large either because they feel it is more comfortable or that a tighter fit could limit mobility. To combat that problem, some onesies are made of stretchable fabrics like spandex.

Another factor to consider is whether the onesie you are looking for includes the feet. It is important that the foot sizing on your onesie isn’t too big nor small for you, even if the overall size feels suitable. You will also have to take extra notice that the length of the onesie is appropriate for you otherwise it could make them unwearable. As such, footless onesies are easier to choose from and can also be easily folded up if the length happens to be too long.

The last point of consideration would be the fabric that your onesie is made of. Materials like cotton are known to shrink thus you might want to get a slightly larger one. Even if it fits you well, it cannot be dried in a hot dryer nor washed in hot water.

Choosing the Right Onesie Fabric

There are 4 fabrics mostly used in onesies, namely flannel, cotton, polyester blend, and fleece.

  • Flannel onesies are breathable and comfortable. Flannel is also one of the more durable fabrics in the market, but piling can prove to be an issue.
  • Cotton onesies are extremely breathable but are more prone to shrinking and hold moisture longer, although that can be advantageous in hot weather.
  • Polyester blend onesies might not be as soft as cotton, but it makes up for it by being much more durable than cotton. Polyester material also dries fast and is less likely to shrink.
  • Fleece onesies will keep you warmer than most other fabrics will, but oddly enough some might complain that it keeps them too warm. They are therefore suitable for use in extremely cold weather. One possible downside is that fleece onesies are more likely to retain odor.

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