The Awkward Yeti Is A Great Halloween Gift

Posted on May 23 2022

Halloween is creeping up again in October and besides the usual trick-or-treat with the children, why not present something special to your family or friends? It’ll be awesome to send some chills of excitement down their spine! If your loved one likes super quirky and funny stuff which is out of the ordinary, it is time to check out The Awkward Store for gift ideas for your next Halloween party. Who knows, you might get something for yourself too!

The Awkward Yeti Plushies

Fancy a “sad gallbladder” plushie or an “irritable bowels” plushie for your friend who works in the medical field? If you also have children who are fascinated with human anatomy, you will be pleased to know that The Awkward Store offers a wide range of human anatomy plushie designs from The Awkward Yeti. There’s a brain, uterus, and even an angry liver plushie. All the plushies are US-safety tested and suitable for ages three years and up, which means that even your little nephew can get to enjoy some sense of humor.

The Awkward Yeti Games

For children who are enthusiastic about role playing as a doctor and who love to enact medical scenes, The Awkward Store features a range of The Awkward Yeti board and card games. Some of these games revolve around topics such as organ harvesting and the perils of anxiety attacks. Infused with dark humor themes and sensitive issues, these games are recommended for teenagers and above, and are definitely not for the faint-hearted (we mean that literally). You will never find such unique games anywhere else!

The Awkward Yeti Drinkware

Need something to perk up your day? We are talking about coffee and drink mugs with cool and awesome wordings, and our signature Awkward Yeti designs featuring the heart, liver, brain, and other internal organs. Have a toast with your colleague when you are feeling bored with our special drinkware and inject some humor into your work lives instantly. We especially like the “To Do: Nothing Useful Ever” design, which is playful and cheeky and may drive your boss nuts.

The Awkward Yeti Apparels

Did we mention that The Awkward Store also features cool apparels such as T-shirts, face masks and school bags with The Awkward Yeti print? Before you hyperventilate due to being overly excited, head over to our online store to explore our various Awkward Yeti designs and select some for your quirky friends. We also have unisex options and you can even wear the same T-shirt as your significant other for a great couple outfit. Make a statement today with these hilarious-themed T-shirts.

Shop at The Awkward Store for Unique Halloween Gifts for Your Friends and Family

Our extensive catalogue of gift options also includes other items like comic books, books and stationery, badge reels, prints, stickers, magnets, pins, original art and gift cards. If you are already a fan of The Awkward Yeti, share the love with others and tell them about our awesome stuff which you can get as great Halloween gifts. If in doubt, try not to go into a heart attack and simply purchase our Awkward Yeti gift card for your indecisive friend!

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