Quirky Gift Packs For Nurses

Posted on May 16 2022

We are living in truly difficult times. As the novel coronavirus rips through the many countries of the world and strains their overloaded healthcare institutions, the overall picture really is pretty grim! And holding the fort at the frontlines, are our brave and hard working nurses, who are tackling this vicious pandemic head-on.

If you know a nurse personally, you would probably be aware of how this pandemic can affect a human being both physically and psychologically. This is especially so when one wakes up almost every day to confront this grave situation. And like all other human beings, the nurses who put their own health and safety on the line for the sake of others, need some tender, loving care and attention during this difficult time.

Want to cheer a nurse up? Here are some great gift ideas and quirky gift packs for nurses that you can get from The Awkward Store!

OrganATTACK! Card Game and Team Play Expansion Bundle

The objective of OrganATTACK is to eviscerate your opponents before they eviscerate you. The last individual who is still in possession of minimally one organ wins the game! Use various medical conditions and phenomena when launching an attack on your opponents. You don’t need to be a doctor to learn to play this game, and all it takes is one round of play to become familiar with it.

Fat Plushie + OrganATTACK Fat Expansion Pack

The snuggly and squishy Fat is the new organ on the block. The Fat plushie is adorably plus-sized, extremely soft, and ever-ready for cuddles. Fat wants to teach us the importance of positive body perception and self-acceptance, and to always love ourselves, our curves, our flabs, and our dimples.

Stationery Bundle Pack

Does your nurse need some new writing tools? This is the bundle pack that you should get for her. With this stationery set, your nurse will be able to organize, prioritize, systemize, and gather all their thoughts.

Badge Reel Bundle #1

If your nurse would like to display their allegiance to the cuddly organs of The Awkward Store, they can do so with these (literal) badges of honor.

Heart and Brain Magnet Bundle

If your nurse has the tendency to frequently visit the refrigerator, then these adorable magnets are for them! Check them out now!

Awkward Sticker 7-Pack

With these quirky and delightful stickers, your nurse can decorate their personal belongings with either the heart, brain, bowels, kidneys, sad gallbladder, lungs or anatomy diagram stickers! These stickers are sure to attract attention and can be great conversation starters.

OrganATTACK Mini Plushie SET of 6

This complete set of 6 plushies will ensure that your nurse will be able to surround themselves with an all-embracing softness, especially when they hit the hay!

"Heart and Brain, Gut Instincts, and Body Language" Collection

This gift bundle is perfect if your nurse loves to read well-written and gorgeously illustrated books.

The Awkward Box

The Awkward Box makes its glorious comeback! If your nurse likes the element of surprise, then this is the perfect gift to get them. These boxes, full of surprise and wonder, are limited in stock, so be sure to get your hands on one (or more) of them as soon as you possibly can!

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