Product Spotlight: The Sun Is Kind Of A Big Deal

Posted on May 09 2022

The solar system has always been an entity of great fascination to people from all walks of life. With its dizzying array of planets and other celestial objects revolving around the enormous, life-giving Sun at the center of it all, it is no wonder that the solar system has us all under its captivating spell. Children, in particular, with their fresh, sponge-like minds, tend to be particularly enamored with it.

Fun Facts about the Sun

The Sun, the centerpiece of our solar system, works ceaselessly to ensure that the Earth and all the things that exist and live on it function as they should. Our beloved Sun provides us with many resources in the form of heat, light, and energy. The existence of our modern world is enabled by things such as electricity and gasoline. Have you ever wondered where it all comes from? Look no further than the ever-providing Sun! If the Sun disappeared all of a sudden, we’d ironically be toast! The temperatures would plummet, and the Earth’s surface would be nothing but a frozen, inert tundra. And that’s why the Sun gets all of the attention and praise!

Why Should Kids Learn about the Solar System?

Increasing your store of knowledge of the solar system allows for people of all ages, especially your kids, to acquire a better understanding of and appreciation for the beauty—and the fragility—of planet Earth. Learning about the reasons for which our planet is important and how we can be protectors of it will aid in maintaining the health and safety of it, so that future generations may experience the same Earthly beauty that we have experienced. In addition, learning about our cosmos is a surefire way to grab and retain your children’s rapt attention!

The Awkward Store Product: The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal

The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal is a hilarious and informational picture book that elucidates the ins and outs of the Sun's insanely hectic job in the solar system. This factual picture book is cartoonist and The Awkward Yeti creator, Nick Seluk’s very first children’s book. It is actually the first installment of a three-book series.

Every page contains text that is easy to read and digest, along with comic-style art with informational sidebars in every few pages. All of the planets — yes, including our beloved Pluto — are personified in the book, and they never miss an opportunity to comment on the complexities of the Sun and our solar system every now and then. A few examples of these adorable antics include Mars discovering someone's funky rover! Earth feels that the Sun needs to be more generous than it currently is. Jupiter, on the other hand, is a huge fan of the Sun and is happy with just an autograph. Your children will be able to learn many facts about our solar system just by immersing themselves in this book. Hilarious, clever, and digestible, The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal is indeed a big, big deal!

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