Neurologists Will Love These Brain-Themed Gifts

Posted on May 02 2022

Becoming a neurologist is hard work. It takes time, passion, and commitment. After graduating from medical school and completing an internship, neurologists have to train for three years in a neurology residency program. If you would like to show appreciation to the neurologists in your life, you have come to the right place! Our gift ideas are sure to brighten up their day. The first few ideas that come to mind are brain-themed gifts that revolve around the central nervous system. Here are some great gift ideas for your favorite brain doctor!

Brain-Themed Toys

Perfect for the brilliant neurologist in your life, a brain plushie is different from the ordinary, run-of-the-mill soft toy, as it will not only stimulate their brain but also keep their heart warm and fuzzy. It would make a great addition to their office’s bookcase, desktop, or the reading chair they love to relax in. Another great gift idea would be a brain stress toy. Due to the intricacy of their craft, many neurologists face many stressful situations daily; having this stress toy on hand would be a fantastic way for them to vent their frustrations.

Brain-Themed Mugs

There is nothing more hilarious than picturing a neurologist sipping their morning coffee in a Brain Overthinker Mug from The Awkward Store. Imagine the steam fogging up their glasses, what a comical sight he’ll make. Playing on the brainy theme, this is the perfect accessory for the neurologist whom you think would fit into the textbook definition of geek. This mug is also a great conversation starter and would help them to break the ice with their new patients. 

Brain-Themed Masks and Apparels

There’s no better way for a neurologist to make a statement about their profession than wearing brain-themed apparels designed with a comic brain character! These apparels are available at the Awkward Store in three different designs – hoodie, T-shirt, and tank top. These come in a wide variety of different colors and sizes. In addition, you can pair these gifts with breathable and comfortable brain patterned face masks! Although they are not medical grade, they still offer some protection from viruses – perfect for the off-duty neurologist.

Brain-Themed Games

If the person you have in mind is a child at heart, the Heart and Brain: the Party Game is the perfect gift to bring out their inner child. With this family-friendly game, they could let their hair down and unwind with their family and friends after a long day of work. Every moment spent playing this game is never dull as it is full of trivia, challenges, votings, truth and dare, and scenarios and responses. The goal of this game is to collect the individual game pieces by completing the different tasks and challenges written on the cards; the first player to earn 3 Brain and 3 Heart game pieces is the winner!

Brain-Themed Art Prints

If you feel like that the neurologist’s office might be a tad dull, it might be time to consider gifting them some brain-themed art to bring some humor to their space. This “Brain Fart” print from The Awkward Store is a witty idea as it not only gives them a valid excuse for their memory blunders, but it also reminds them not to take life so seriously all the time. It is also hand-signed by The Awkward Yeti writer and illustrator Nick Seluk, making it a truly thoughtful and meaningful gift.

If you’re looking for medical-themed artwork that can bring a smile to your neurologist friend’s face, The Awkward Store is your one-stop gift destination. We offer a wide variety of original art and medical-themed comic prints that will take the décor of their workplace up a notch. Contact us to find out more about our products today!

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