Kids’ Plush Toys Can Be An Emotional Anchor

Posted on December 27 2021

Have you ever wondered why kids are so drawn to plush toys? You may even have a favorite plush toy or two yourself, a remnant from your childhood days or a gift from someone special. Regardless, plush toys are excellent emotional anchors for both children and adults alike. Although children may eventually outgrow their attachment to their stuffed toys, this does not negate the benefits they reap during crucial development stages. That is why so many adults own plush toys that have a special sentimental value for them. In this article, we share with you more about how kids’ plush toys serve as a wonderful emotional anchor.

Understanding Transitional Objects

Plush toys are psychologically important, and not “just a toy”. Yes, on the surface, a plush toy may simply be a cute teddy. However, they can give kids a sense of security in a world they are still trying to make sense of. Children rely predominantly on their caregivers for comfort, attachment and security. When the caregiver is not around, who steps in? That’s right: very often, this is a plush toy. Their role as transitional objects means that plush toys can symbolise safety, security and support for children.

Provides A Sense of Familiarity

Often, children may find themselves in unfamiliar environments that go beyond the boundaries of home and school. This can be in public places or when going to a friend’s house for the first time. Naturally, this can conjure up feelings of fear and unease in some children. Bringing along their favorite plush toy will help. In unfamiliar settings, plush toys can provide a sense of familiarity and help to keep children anchored.

Releases Nurturing Urges

You will find that children who are securely attached often have an instinct to be caring and nurturing. Caring for their plush toys as if they are real is one way children can transfer their affection onto something else. From tucking them into bed to holding and cuddling them, there are numerous ways children can express themselves.

Serves as A Soothing Aid

In addition, plush toys serve as a soothing aid for children who are scared or upset. This can be a child who is sick, or one who is scared of the dark. Cuddling with a plush toy releases oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel good. This is true for both adults and children, and produces a calm and soothing effect on us.

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