Human Organ Gift Boxes For Medical Students

Posted on December 20 2021

Being a medical student involves working harder than you have ever worked before. Of course, it can also be highly interesting, especially if you are heading towards your goal of becoming a doctor. Generally, you will have more hours than other students, whether that is in lectures or labs. The Awkward Store features human organ gift boxes for medical students that are perfect for injecting a little bit of surprise and delight into their lives.

Plush Toys

One of the contents in the mystery boxes are plush toys. As a bonus, these plushies are organs, making them highly relatable and even hilarious for medical students. Below is a list of plush toys we stock:

  • Heart plushies are huggable and lovable. They feature a cowl and include a removable cape.
  • Brain plushies are more intelligent than your normal run-of-the-mill plushies. This makes it suitable for a bookcase display or a desktop.
  • Lung plushies are a pair of cute organs. It reminds students to inhale the good and exhale the bad. Pair them with the heart plushies for a burst of positive energy.
  • Tongue plushies are super soft and squishy and have bendable legs and arms. They just want to have fun all the time!


Medical students need to keep themselves hydrated for those long hours studying and reviewing lectures. The Awkward Store carries different kinds of mugs with medical-themed designs. Some of the best mug designs are:

  • “I Can’t Feel My Neurons”
  • Brain Overthinker
  • Heart “Nothing Useful Ever”
  • “Common Grounds”
  • Bowels Soon #2


Sometimes, students need a good book to read while passing the time. The Awkward Yeti’s collection has some of the most interesting medical-themed books available. It will be interesting for medical students to read about medicine in a comical way.

  • Sarah’s Scribble series
  • Fowl Language series
  • Heart and Brain series


Playing games is a great idea to relieve stress. Get one from The Awkward Yeti’s game collections and an enjoyable night is sure to be had by all. Below are some of the games we stock:

  • OrganATTACK! is a medical-themed tabletop card game for friends and family to enjoy. The main objective of this game is to harvest your opponent’s organ before they can remove yours. The last one standing with one organ will be the winner.
  • AnxietyAttack! is an intense board game where the players must send their opponent into an anxiety spiral. This is perfect for students who are highly motivated and hate to lose.
  • Heart and Brain is a party game featuring challenges, trivia and truth or dare. Win game pieces by performing tasks, having the funniest answer and winning challenges.


Magnets are a good way for medical students to remind themselves to not take things too seriously. The Awkward Store has different designs of magnets for you to choose from.

  • Heart and Brain magnet
  • “Gotham Needs Me” bat heart magnet
  • “The Fork” magnet

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