How To Style With Your Retro Fanny Pack

Posted on December 13 2021

You’ve probably been to casual places and events where you spotted a number of people with fanny packs on their hips. They are normally used by workers in the construction, automotive and mechanical industries, enabling them to keep their tools right by their sides. Instead of going back and forth to their toolboxes, they are able to work more efficiently with a fanny pack.

Nowadays, you can also see them worn by individuals who have a huge love for pop culture. And what’s crazier is that these fanny packs they wear are positioned all over their torso. Shouldn’t it be positioned like a belt? Not really, because there are many ways you can wear them and still look stylish.

Wrap Around Your Chest for A More Modern Style

Instead of holding it like a purse, you can wrap a fanny pack around your chest. Make sure to position the fanny pack right in front of your torso for easy reach. This style will look cool with a sweater and a fitted jacket. The way it’s worn might resemble a purse, but it will look stylish whether you’re a man or a woman.

Make it A Layer Over Your Clothes 

If you are pairing your fanny pack with outerwear, you can choose to sling it on the outside. It’s easy to do because you’re positioning it like a belt, but on the side of your waist. You will get a perfect fresh look with a jacket or a two-piece suit with a T-shirt underneath, and reaching your phone, wallet, or keys will be a piece of cake.

Wear It Under Your Outerwear

If you need a little more sense of security, you can wrap your fanny pack around your T-shirt with a jacket or sweater over it. An awesome look for casual environments whether it’s a crowded party, festival, or even a peaceful date. You may feel that the front of your outwear is a little bulky with this styling method, but it’s safe to say that your valuables are secure. On top of that, you can easily grab your needed item by unzipping.

The Traditional Way Isn’t That Bad

The traditional way of positioning it in front of your waist like a mechanic is not that bad. They are retro fanny packs after all. Coming in different styles and designs to make it stand out next to the ones commonly used for work, you can style these up simply by wearing one. And if you’re interested in pop culture yourself, you can mesh the style of your retro fanny pack with some bright and colorful clothes that are sure to grab attention. So, get your “Heart and Brain Fanny Pack” to store all your essential items and show off your style!

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