How To Decorate Your Science-Loving Kids Room

Posted on April 25 2022

Is your child constantly asking you questions like, “Why is the sky blue?” or “What does the brain do?” Does your child conduct questionable “experiments” in the kitchen by mixing various condiments and microwaving them? If your answer to these questions was a resounding yes, you might be raising a future scientist! While nurturing their imagination and kindling the flame of their curiosity can be fulfilling, you might be wondering how to make science more accessible to them. Indeed, you might be wondering how best to decorate your science loving kid’s room. Do read on to find out how you can pander to their science interests with these varied theme ideas.

Medical-themed Room

If your child is curious about the human body, continually proclaims that they wish to be a doctor in future or loves “operating” on a dummy, they are sure to adore a medical themed room replete with age-appropriate anatomical diagrams. An important step before decorating a room is to choose the right room color. It’s best to take your child’s input on this. Apart from the main color, there should be a few accent colors that complement the main color. For a medical themed room, accessories are a must! All children love plushies and what better than a brain plushie reading a book?

Animal-themed Room

If your child relishes a fun day out at the zoo, is always petting dogs at your local park or picks up creepy-crawlies from the garden to inspect, you can be sure that they are a true animal lover. Animal lovers would love a jungle-themed room. As such, it is best to incorporate a wall mural showcasing their favorite animals – perhaps a savannah if they like cheetahs or the arctic if they favor polar bears. Accessories could include faux fur rugs or even zebra-striped bed sheets. If you’re looking for a classy touch, you may want to hang original paintings of animals, like this lion painting, behind their bed.

Space-themed Room

Does your child have their own mini telescope set or do they rattle off the names of the planets in our solar system and their moons? For your future astronaut, a space-themed room with a mural of the solar system could be ideal. To enhance the theme, the ceiling could be a deep indigo color with a mobile consisting of moving planets. This can be hi-tech, with a remote-controlled setup or lo-tech with hand-painted planets. The latter option is perfect if you want to involve your child in decorating their room. Other accessories could include posters highlighting various facts about the solar system.

Botany-themed Room

If your child loves walking in nature, stopping by to identify various plant species and even knows their scientific names, a plant, or botany theme is ideal. For a natural touch, you could put large-potted plants in the corner of their room. This has the added benefit of teaching them responsibility by encouraging them to water the plants regularly. Other accessories can include floral themed bed covers.

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