How To Choose The Right ID Badge Lanyard

Posted on April 18 2022

Widely used by employees across all industries, ID Badge lanyards are used to store and display their ID cards. Some company departments issue lanyards with logos for their employees, making their employees easily identifiable. In addition, lanyards facilitate easy access for employees that need to scan or swipe their cards on door card readers. With a wide variety of lanyards available in the market coming in all forms of shapes and sizes, there is sure to be something that fits and suits you.

As you choose the right lanyard that works best for you, it is important to ensure that the lanyard will bring you full convenience when worn. Here’s what you need to know about lanyards, and factors that you should consider when choosing your ID badge lanyard.

Lanyard Styles

The physical appearance of how your ID badge lanyard looks can say a lot about you. In a corporate environment, most employees use either flat braid or round braid lanyards that are usually dark in color. Such a style gives off the impression of professionalism, hence the wide adoption in the corporate world.

Other than traditional lanyards, environmentally friendly lanyards are also available and are usually made from recycled plastic or bamboo. Note that the standard length of a lanyard measures approximately 36 inches and has a width of about 3/8”.


Other than looking good, you would want to use a lanyard that is safe for you. Some lanyards come with a standard safety breakaway feature, disconnecting under pressure to eliminate the risk of choking. If someone ever decides to pull your lanyard, you will not be choked or injured.

Such lanyards are very suitable for kids and use in school environments, as children are more likely to play pranks and have more physical contact when on playing grounds.

Types of Lanyard Attachments

Different lanyards attach in different ways, some with the use of hooks and some that offer clip-on options. Hook-type lanyards are secured easily and are mostly hung around the neck, making it almost impossible to lose or misplace. 

On the other hand, clip-on lanyards allow you to simply clip your ID card and are suitable for those that don’t want too much accessory around their neck. However, the downside would be having to constantly check it as slips can occur during movement which can cause you to lose your ID card.

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