How To Choose Gifts For Your Nerdy Friend

Posted on April 11 2022

The definition of a nerd is a person who is devoted to intellectual, academic and technical pursuits or interests. Every one of us would definitely have one or two friends who are nerds. Perhaps someone in your family likes nerdy stuff too. Being a nerd usually means that your family or friend would have distinct tastes; they have a mind of their own and they always know what they want. Since they likely already have a big stash of collectibles that they love, here are some tips on how to choose gifts for your nerdy friends.

Find Out What Your Nerdy Friend Is Into

Is your nerdy friend obsessed with Star Wars, or is he into gadgets and techie stuff? Nerds can have broad interests and it can be difficult to pinpoint what their exact interests are. There can be a lot of pressure in buying a gift for them, so the best way to start is to ask them what hobbies they have or what topics they are interested in. For example, if you have a friend who is a medical student and is immersed in the world of human anatomy, you can check out unique plushies and apparels from The Awkward Store. Their stuffed toys and apparels feature various body parts such as the brain, liver, and heart. True medical nerds will be able to appreciate these gifts and they will thank you from the bottom of their hearts.  

Browse Nerdy Gifts from Online Specialty Stores

There are plenty of websites offering gift ideas and products for nerds, so many that you are often spoilt for choice. After knowing what your friend’s nerdy obsessions are, you can directly search for keywords online and browse through different options to purchase them. A tip is to go to specialty stores which have quirky and unique gifts that are not usually found in your neighborhood stores. Nowadays, there are also countless blogs that compile a whole list of gift ideas for all categories of people, including nerds. So, fret not and browse away!

Get a Gift Card for Your Nerdy Friend

If all else fails and you are still at your wits’ end when choosing a gift for your nerdy friend, then the best bet is to simply purchase a gift card for your friend so he can have the freedom to indulge in whatever he wants to get. A gift card is the most convenient gift and it presents a win-win situation for both the giver and the receiver. As such, the gift card is becoming a very popular choice for the uninspired non-nerd. You can select the value of the gift card that you want or buy multiple gift cards to suit your budget, but we think it is really the nerdy thought that counts.

Shop at The Awkward Store for Your Nerdy Friend

Still looking for inspiration on what gifts to get? If you are still searching for the perfect gift, do head over to The Awkward Store to have a look. At The Awkward Store, we offer an extensive catalogue of gift options for nerds such as comic books, magnets, pins, original art and gift cards. You are bound to find something wacky for your nerdy friend!

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