How Stress Toys Can Help Manage Stress At Work

Posted on December 06 2021

In the modern world, many of us experience stress from different sources. One main area where we tend to experience stress is at work. We spend so much of our time at work, often going for multiple meetings and rushing to meet numerous deadlines. With the stress piling on, we have to find ways to release the tension if we are to lead happy and healthy lives. Read on to find out to learn more about the benefits of stress toys and how they can help us manage stress at work. 

Serves as Distraction Devices

A stress toy can be really handy when you need a form of distraction to relax yourself during work. It helps you to concentrate better and takes away unnecessary tension from your body. Workaholics can make use of stress toys in the office when they need to chill out and focus on something else besides work for a moment.

Improves Nervous System Functioning

Many nerves that are found in our wrists and hands are linked directly to the brain. The squeezing motion our hands make with a stress toy plays a part in stimulating and strengthening the nerves and muscles there. This has the benefit of improving nervous system functioning and lowering stress.

How to Use a Stress Toy

When you are at work, simply take out the stress toy to give your mind and body a break. Here are some ways to use a stress toy:

  • Place the stress toy on a surface and curl your fingers around it. Hold for five seconds before releasing.
  • Another way is to place the stress toy between your hands while holding your arms out in a vertical position. Press together for five seconds then release.
  • The full grip method can be used when you are really stressed. Hold and squeeze the stress toy as hard as possible for five seconds, then release it.

Where to Find A Stress Toy

If you are looking for affordable and adorable stress toys to bring to work with you, look no further! Here at The Awkward Store, we feature stress toys that are sure to help you to de-stress and relax. One option is the Sad Gallbladder Stress Toy. Or if you have often been described as a bighearted person, consider the Heart Stress Toy. Squish this adorable toy when you are bored, anxious or just want to do something to distract yourself for a moment. It is able to sit upright on your desk at work and is approximately three inches long. If you are someone brainy or you simply like brains, check out the Brain Stress Toy. Squeeze the stress out of your brain with this stress toy! It can sit on your work desk when it is not handling the weight of your life’s problems.

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