How Should Teachers Decorate Classrooms?

Posted on November 29 2021

You may be surprised to hear this, but too much visual information can bombard students’ senses and make it hard for them to concentrate. One question teachers should be asking themselves when it comes to classroom decoration is: “How much is too much?” We know that a student’s memory, attention span, and self-regulation functions are affected by their classroom environment. Here is where thoughtful classroom decorations come in.

An Engaging Classroom

Classrooms should be engaging, not distracting. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to leave every wall stripped bare of decorations and pictures. However, moderation is the key here. Your classroom should not have a chaotic feel, but a lively one. Here's a good rule of thumb to go by: when in doubt, less than 50% of the available wall space should be covered with decorations. 

Decorating a Classroom

Here are some good guidelines to follow when you want to decorate your classroom. With the objects you put on the walls…

  • Let in natural light. Don't cover those windows!
  • Avoid displaying the grades or scores of students at all costs. If you display student work, make sure that it does not contain a grade or a score.
  • Make good use of visual aids including diagrams, maps, anchor charts, etc.
  • Feature inspirational quotes or role models your students can learn from.
  • Additionally, if you can balance wall colors, all the better. For instance, you can have three walls involving a muted color with one single wall a brighter color.

The Developing Brain

Children’s brains function differently from that of fully grown adults. Because their brains are still developing, their attention spans are much shorter and they may not be able to tear their gaze away from a brightly decorated wall the same way adults can. On top of that, some groups of children may be at higher risk of impaired self-regulation skills, such as those who have been abused or neglected, or have a learning difference.

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Rather than feeling overcrowded, a classroom should feel warm and lively. Remember to keep about half of the wall space free and clear. Fully utilize learning aids, inspiring pictures, and more for decoration. You may even choose to put up posters and charts depicting some of the things your students have learned throughout the year. These can serve as a great reinforcement for what they already know.

Teachers may also choose to decorate their classrooms with squeezable plushies, jewelry, stickers, magnets, games, books, notepads, apparel, drinkware, etc. Get something for yourself or your favorite teacher when you shop at The Awkward Store today! If you need a recommendation or and have questions or issues regarding your purchase, you can contact us directly at

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