How Often Should You Get Your Children Gifts?

Posted on April 04 2022

You walk into your child’s playroom, toys scattered with barely any room to walk. You take a deep breath and prepare to admonish your child but hold on – you were the one who purchased all these toys! If this sounds like a familiar scenario, this article will guide you on how often it is advisable to get gifts for children. Of course, no two children are alike so instead of giving you a magic number, we’ll be asking you questions so you can do what’s best for your child.

Why Are You Giving Your Child Gifts?

Your child presents for their birthday or for major holidays like Christmas or festivals is different from giving them anything that they pick up at a grocery haul. Some parents give their child gifts every time they manage to achieve a certain target – while it motivates some children to do better, the caveat is that your child will feel discouraged when they fall short of their goals. On the other hand, some parents feel it is appropriate to reward every little achievement, like doing household chores. While this certainly serves as positive reinforcement, they may stop doing work if they’re not rewarded. The bottom line is to openly communicate with your child why the present is being given to them – be it for chores, good behavior, or academic achievements. This is important to help them manage their expectations and help you determine the frequency of your gift giving.

What Kind Of Gifts Are You Giving Your Child?

Of course, no two gifts are alike – giving your child candy and the latest gadgets is different from giving them educational gifts like books or school-related apparel like backpacks. Some parents feel it is more appropriate to give their children books more often and addictive video games as a treat on special occasions. You may decide to go this route too!

Are your Children Benefiting from the gifts?

This might be a difficult question to answer but if you notice your toddler getting bored of a toy that they used to play with almost every day, you’ll know that it is no longer engaging them. Toys are the gateway for children to learn and explore their environment, so it is important that they play with toys matching their developmental stage. Studies show that it takes roughly three months to go through enough milestones to necessitate new toys so this can be a good rule of thumb for you.

Do Your Children Use Their Other Gifts?

If you notice that your child is barely playing with any toy except one or two, it might not necessarily be that they’ve outgrown the others but there are too many for them to play with. Indeed, too many toys can distract and overwhelm young children and even detract from their enjoyment. So, if you find that your child has too many toys, it might be advisable to donate or sell the unused toys and curb expenditure on new toys. After all, a few toys help them play with them in new ways and can improve their creativity!

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