Funny Backpacks For Medical Students

Posted on November 15 2021

It is not unusual nowadays to see medical students trekking across campus with overflowing backpacks. Crammed to the brim with books, laptop computers, chargers, lab work and much more, did you know that carrying a backpack that’s too heavy can result in complications down the road? As a general rule of thumb, the weight of a backpack and everything in it should not exceed 10% of a student’s body weight. In this article, we share with you some tips to follow when it comes to backpacks for medical students.

Factors That Contribute to Backpack Related Injuries

Backpack related injuries can be caused by a number of reasons. Below is a list:

  • Weight of the backpack
  • The type of backpack
  • Length of time carrying it
  • Weight distribution of items within the backpack
  • Poor placement of items
  • Inadequate support, such as carrying the backpack on one shoulder
  • … and more!

Top Tips for Choosing A Backpack

When it comes to choosing a backpack that is right for you and will minimize your chances of injuries, follow these best practices below:

  • Choose the right sized backpack – this should hang approximately two inches below your shoulder and rest just above the waist. Most backpacks today come with adjustable straps so make sure that the length is comfortable for you.
  • Pack the heaviest items towards the back and bottom of the backpack. Consider bringing an empty water bottle to school and filling it up when you get there.
  • Use the hip belt if there is one, to distribute some weight away from your shoulders and back.
  • Carry your backpack properly on both shoulders.
  • If your bag weighs more than 10% of your body weight, decide which items can stay behind or be left in a locker. If all the items are necessary, consider making the switch to a bag with wheels.

Never underestimate the importance of a good backpack. Carrying a backpack that’s too heavy or with unevenly distributed weight can result in long-term complications over time, such as scoliosis.

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