Funny And Informative Medical-Themed Comics

Posted on November 08 2021

When people think of comics, the first things that come to mind tend to be superheroes and cartoons. Some might say that comics are not educational and reading them are a waste of time. However, there are some comics out there that do provide educational and informative content. These comics are not only designed for adults, but can also be suitable for children. If you or your children want to read a funny comic book together yet learn something at the same time, medical-themed comics give readers a lot of information while being easy to read and understand.

Getting to Know Lars the Awkward Yeti

Earning a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Central Michigan University, author and cartoonist Nick Seluk, was a graphic designer up till 2014. He started dedicating his time fully to webcomics after that. Lars the Awkward Yeti was the first of his many projects. Being a socially awkward yeti, Lars always has trouble getting by in his day-to-day life.

Lars depicts a cartoon version of Seluk, helping him work through his social anxiety. Originally, Lars the Awkward Yeti was self-published as a children’s book but as Seluk was getting attached to this character, he started to create more adult-oriented comics strips about Lars. This has allowed a number of people who suffer from social anxiety to realize that they are not alone.

Heart and Brain as Characters

As the two main characters, Heart and Brain is a webcomic/comic that features Lars the Awkward Yeti’s anthropomorphized heart and brain. The brain is mostly concerned about responsibility and being an adult while the heart follows its emotions and feelings. The brain brings in logic and reason while the heart longs for emotional need and that is why the heart’s actions are ill-advised.

The characters in Heart and Brain are very relatable to humans as we often struggle to make decisions that both feel “right” and are the most logical path to take. Heart and Brain covers known dichotomies such as emotion and logic, as well as extroversion and introversion. This makes it a fun and relatable read as well as something that can make you nod your head in agreement or laugh out loud. Other characters include Stomach, who is often sensitive and Tongue, who is manipulative and hedonistic. Various other organ characters are featured as well.

Relatable Comics

Depression and anxiety are very complex mental health issues to describe but Nick Seluk’s comics really nail it. His comic series broke the imaginary line between mental and physical ailments. It is renowned for visualizing the struggles of anxiety and depression. Being a topic that is often very difficult to put into words, his comic series provides an amazing illustration and artwork and comical text for easy understanding. Heart and Brain, his New York Times Bestselling book, has brought popularity to Lars the Awkward Yeti on many social media platforms and he now copes with trying to entertain many of his fans online.

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