Four Benefits Of Medical Wall Art In Healthcare Facilities

Posted on March 21 2022

Recent studies have shown that displaying art pieces in healthcare facilities has a positive effect on patients. Medical wall art reduces their stress, improves their mood, and provides some semblance of comfort. The typical wall art in the hospital tend to be limited to framed landscapes with depictions of the sky, sea, or nature. However, many have debated that this age-old idea is due for a makeover as a wide diversity of different artworks can benefit patients positively.

Positive Impact on Patient’s Well-Being

Patients hospitalized for a long term tend to suffer from severe illnesses that bring them extreme pain. In addition, many of them are likely to experience episodes of depression during their hospitalization. Art in the healthcare environment could positively impact the patient’s health and mood, making them feel at home in a new environment.

Research showed that about 73% of their patients said that looking at an art collection in a hospital somewhat or significantly improved their mood. This number was higher among subgroups of those treated for depression, anxiety, and breast cancer.

Having a diversity of different art forms in the healthcare environment can help shorten their recovery time, length of stay in hospital and even reduce some patients’ need for painkillers.

Provide Relief for Family Members

Art in the healthcare environment can serve as a source of distraction and relief to the visiting family members who might be experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression caused by unforseen circumstances.

Research has also shown that looking at art can increase our creativity and invoke our imaginations. It allows us to recluse into our sanctuary of serenity while providing an outlet for us to release our conflicting emotions. This can be very helpful when experiencing trying times and being in difficult circumstances.

Bring Diversity to the Hospital

Artwork in the hospital does not always have to be limited to the conventional framed landscape of nature imagery. Contemporary art like abstract imagery, symbolic imagery, pop-culture prints, and even comic prints can also improve the patients’ mood, provide comfort, and alleviate stress. While some artists use art to reflect on society’s issues or spark a form of cultural dialogue, some others aim to bring happiness or even give someone a hearty giggle.

Inspire Healthcare Workers

Healthcare professionals are the very backbone of our healthcare system. However, they are humans who experience the same emotions of fear and anxiety. They are placed in stressful environments where they are under constant pressure, and have to witness the reality of the human condition with their own eyes. In the long-term, this could take a toll on their mental health.

For them, medical wall art can act as a refuge and allow them to release their emotions. Some wall art can even create new opportunities for healthcare professionals to improve their communication and diagnostics skills. Educational wall art presented in a fun way can also be helpful for conveying healthcare information to healthcare workers and patients in a more effective way.

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