Five Reasons Schools Should Encourage The Use Of Board Games

Posted on October 18 2021

In the digital age, traditional board games can come with many surprising benefits for children. Besides serving as a good way to bond with friends and family members, kids can learn new skills and develop their existing ones through playing board games. In this article, we share with you some reasons schools should encourage the use of board games.

Lengthen Attention Spans

Today’s children may have more trouble sitting still than the generations that came before them. This is due to the increasing reliance on mobile devices for entertainment, coupled with the natural short attention span of children. Playing a board game is a commitment where each participant has to be in it until the game ends, or they are out. As such, the use of board games is a good way of helping children stay focused and develop their concentration skills.

Provide Opportunities for Learning

When it comes to board games today, we are spoiled for choice. Regardless of what you choose, children’s board games come with many opportunities for learning. At The Awkward Store, our Anxiety Attack! Board game can help children learn about strategizing as well as terms such as “triggers” when it comes to anxiety disorders.

Boost Language Skills and Reading Comprehension

Regardless of your child’s age, any board game that requires them to read instructions, understand cues and hints as well as remember certain pieces of information can boost their language skills. On top of that, reading comprehension and event sequencing can be improved through having to remember and piece together bits and pieces of information.

Serve as An Interaction Opportunity

We can all agree that board games make a great icebreaker! Children who are shy and tend to keep away from approaching their peers can do so with board games. Anyone can play and they do not necessarily need to initiate any topic in conversation to do so. As children who are more reserved interact with their peers through the use of board games, they can become more comfortable in social situations and this can help in developing friendships and forming lasting connections.

Learn to Lose

One essential life skill we all have to master is how to be a good loser, and the best time to learn that is during childhood. Inevitably, there will be winners and losers in a board game, and one child cannot win every time. Children will learn how to be gracious losers through the use of board games.

Get Board Games for Children from The Awkward Store

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