Five Benefits Of Stuffed Toys For Adults

Posted on March 07 2022

The common perception is that stuffed toys are only for babies and children, and adults should not have anything to do with them. In recent years, however, a bell-shaped curve is showing on the adoption of stuffed animals, suggesting that seniors on the other end of the age spectrum are adopting them as well.

Studies have shown that cuddling stuffed toys can bring about benefits for people with low self-esteem, and even help to lower anxieties surrounding death. Adults who still sleep with their stuffed toys mention that they have grown a sentimental attachment to them, and they don’t see any possible harm in sleeping with your stuffed toys, provided that you are not overly obsessed with them.

If you happen to be one of those that still sleep with your stuffed toys as an adult, there is no need to be ashamed of it. In fact, approximately 34% of all adults do so every night. This behavior is more commonly observed in women, probably because it is more socially acceptable to do so as compared to men. Here are the five benefits of stuffed toys for adults.

Provide a Sense of Security

Adults use stuffed toys in the same manner children do; they give off a sense of security especially during times of change. Hugging your stuffed toys can lower your anxiety levels, and they can hence be seen as “comfort objects”.

Improve Mental Health

Similar to live animals, stuffed toys are also used as therapeutic tools and helps one’s mental health in almost the same way. A study conducted found that stuffed animals can help patients to rebuild impaired attachment bonds and even form secure attachments for those with disorganized attachment styles.

Bring about Healing

Whether you are trying to recover from trauma or grieving over the loss of a loved one, stuffed animals provide the comfort and connection that eases unwanted feelings. By grieving with a stuffed animal, you would also not have to worry about any outside judgment.

Ease Loneliness

As you grow into the adult phase, you might find that you are spending less time with friends and feel lonely. Humans are social creatures and constantly crave social interaction. Although stuffed animals cannot replace the socializing aspect of interaction, they can help to ease feelings of loneliness.

Relive Childhood Memories

Stuffed toys remind us of our childhood, especially if you are still holding on to one that you have had since young. Stuffed toys invoke a sense of nostalgia that makes us feel happier, resulting in better self-esteem.

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