Classroom Decoration Ideas For High School Students

Posted on February 28 2022

As teachers, you care about the well-being and development of your students. And although we can’t control what kind of environment a student goes home to, we have control over the place where you and your students spend most of your time – the classroom.

The classroom is not just a place where students learn, it’s also a place where they spend time with their closest friends, a place where their thoughts and beliefs are shaped, and sometimes, even a place where they learn to handle the pressures of their student life.

Due to the rise of everyday technology such as social media, high school students are much more mature these days compared to years ago. With their heads often buried in their smartphones, it’s certainly not easy to capture the interest of teenagers. If done wrongly, classroom decorations can come off as corny, and will not be relatable to them. In this article, we share some classroom decoration ideas that your students will absolutely love.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is where your students get most of their entertainment from these days. Just like how our favorite movie posters can capture our attention, social media related themes can make great classroom decorations. One popular social media tool that really sits well with teenagers are memes. Memes are very popular with teens these days as they are lighthearted and entertaining. You can even choose memes that are related to the subjects taught in school. Math memes, scientific memes, and even memes that lightly mock the teachers (if you don’t mind!); there is no harm in using a little self-deprecating humor, which at times, can even help strengthen the teacher-student relationship.

Besides memes, high school students often use Tweets, posts, Snaps, and pins to communicate and express themselves. Instead of decorating your classroom with famous quotes, why not try decorating the boards with famous and meaningful Tweets?

Put Up Photos or Caricatures of Your Students

Caricatures are a good way for students to show a different side of themselves. The ones your students come up with may even reveal a side of them that is not shown in school. And teenagers are mischievous and fun! Their photos or caricatures can make for great decorations, and even be a reminder for them to aspire to become better versions of themselves. Don’t forget to take this opportunity to show your students a different side of you as well.

Instead of just displaying your students’ photos, you can also add a little element of fun by letting your students vote for photos to be featured on a special wall. You can then include a short write-up on the student’s strengths or get other students to write positive comments about their friends. 

Have a Social-Emotional Support Corner

Emotional and mental health is a rising concern among teens these days. Studies show that nearly one in five high school teens suffer from at least some form of mental health disorder. It doesn’t help that there is still a strong stigma surrounding mental health.

A social-emotional support corner in the classroom can raise awareness about this issue and encourage teenagers to speak up or seek help. You can have a bulletin board where teenagers can anonymously post sticky notes about the struggles they face. Friends and teachers can then reply with sticky notes offering encouragement and help. Within this same bulletin board, you can also post prints that deliver positive social-emotional messages.

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