Boring Old Face Masks? Here Are Ways To Wear Your Masks Stylishly

Posted on February 21 2022

The wearing of face masks has been a widely debated topic, especially in the current landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic. While mask-wearing means that you are doing your part to contain the spread of COVID-19, it does not mean that you can’t have fun with it.

Instead, you can even take this chance to level up your fashion games and be creative in styling your face mask and matching your masks to your outfit. You may have already come across multiple stores selling face masks that come in really cute patterns or have cool prints imprinted on them. Without a doubt, that is more exciting than a traditional black and white face mask.

Stylish face masks need not only be obtained from stores selling them, but you can also get creative and choose to do it yourself! If you own a white face mask, treat it as your canvas and you can tie-dye it. As for black masks, you can be even more daring and add a few jewels and rhinestones. This addition can make a black mask stand out in the light but be sure not to go overboard with them though.

Other than giving you a stylish face mask, designing and making your face mask can also be a pretty fun activity to do together with your friends and family.

Things to Consider When Making Your Own Face Masks

It might sound obvious but take note that your finished product should still be able to serve the same purpose face masks were meant for in the first place. Your face masks should be able to effectively cover the mouth area as well as the nose area of your face, including the nose bridge. This ensures that bacteria will not escape onto public surfaces or get onto others when you sneeze, cough, or during a simple conversation.

Another thing to take note of will be the materials you use to design your face mask. Ideally, you would want to only decorate and design the exterior of your face mask just in case whatever materials you use contain harmful products or release gases not meant for your body.

Last but not least, your mask should be comfortable to wear. Trust me, you would not want to wear a mask that is uncomfortable for long periods, and it can even cause certain marks on your face.

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