Biology Gifts For Medical School Graduates

Posted on September 27 2021

Studying medicine is never easy. This career path is not for the fainthearted, as every move you make will be put under a microscope and every little mistake will be costly. That is why as medical students start to get on with their careers, one invaluable gift you can give them is a reminder not to take things too seriously. The Awkward Store stocks a range of fun and interesting items you can give to a soon-to-be doctor in your life. Seluk’s medical-themed books are mostly based on human organs and are the perfect biology gift for medical school graduates.

Medical-Themed Books and Comics

Lars the Awkward Yeti depicts a socially awkward yeti having trouble going about his daily life. This webcomic has helped a number of people who suffer from social anxiety. Heart and Brain is a book that features both Lars’s heart and brain as the two main characters. The brain fights to remain logical and responsible while the heart focuses more on feelings and emotions. Heart and Brain has a book series of its own with Heart and Brain: Gut Instincts and Heart and Brain: Body Language. The Awkward Store also carries other books such as the Fowl Language book series and the Sarah’s Scribbles book series.

A Bag to Start a New Job

If you are looking for something cute and practical, look no further than the Awkward Yeti Organ Pattern backpack. This medium sized backpack is all you will need to carry all your daily essentials around. There is a slot perfect for a laptop and pockets for storing small items such as keys. The material used in this backpack is water resistant so you never have to worry about rainy days.

Bored? Then Play a Game

There are three types of games that The Awkward Store carries. OrganATTACK! is a medical tabletop card game, Heart and Brain is an intense pastry game and AnxietyATTACK! is a fun board game for the whole family to enjoy. All these games are not only fun to play, they also serve an educational purpose. Competitive players will surely relish the challenges as they try to beat each other in a game of wits, trivia and truth or dare. Apart from games, The Awkward Store also stocks stress toys in hilariously funny organ characters from Seluk’s book series.

We Need the Coffee

Coffee is the most important thing for some people and being medical graduates, this can be a must-have when it comes to those early morning labs and lectures! Instead of boring old coffee cups, why not get them these thoughtfully designed mugs from The Awkward Store? Characters from the Heart and Brain series are printed on these mugs for a cool personal touch that is sure to appeal to medical students. This will surely give graduates a good laugh before they start their hectic daily routines!

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