5 Reasons Kids Love Stickers A Lot

Posted on February 14 2022

If you go to any child’s bedroom, you’re likely to find a plethora of stickers pasted on every available surface including, and especially their belongings. While this may be baffling for you, even you can’t deny that as adults, stickers give us that sense of inexplicable joy. Indeed, stickers for kids are the perfect gift idea. However, if you would like to know exactly why children react the way they do at the sight of stickers, read further. 

Comes in a Variety of Styles

Whether your child is a wannabe astronaut who is endlessly chattering about planets or a budding doctor who is practicing operating on dummies, there are stickers to cater to every conceivable interest, yes even cute anatomical stickers! Indeed, this fosters a sense of inclusivity wherein any child doesn’t have to feel left out.

Represents a Reward

If you are familiar with child psychology, you will know that positive reinforcement in the form of rewards can really help shape a child’s behavior and aid them in taking responsibility for their actions. Indeed, many parents and educators alike use gold stars or motivational stickers as a reward system. Typically, children must accumulate a requisite number of stars to “redeem” a prize. Good behavior earns them stars while bad behavior can mean losing them. For this reason, young children are likely to associate any kind of a sticker as an endorsement of good behavior. This also means that it is important to be mindful when you give your child stickers.

Lets them be “Messy”

Children are notoriously drawn to any kind of object that has the potential to cause a mess (usually for their parents or caregivers!). Stickers have that “messy” feel owing to their sticky texture. However, they are not scarily messy – for example, there’s no chance of accidentally super gluing your fingers together. Sensory play is a vital aspect of child development and stickers give children the room for free play and exploration. They need not hesitate as they do not overwhelm the senses the way other art and craft items do.

Allows Them to Hoard

Do you find that your child picks up all manner of things like shells from the beach and fallen leaves to less innocuous things like insects from the backyard? Humans love to hoard material objects and children are no exception to this. Stickers are relatively inexpensive thus parents are more likely to indulge their child and not think twice before purchasing a pack. Unlike more expensive toys or books, children usually acquire a lot of stickers which satisfy their need to have “a lot” of something.

Gives them the Freedom to Express Themselves

Finally, because stickers are cheap, come in a variety of styles and in abundance, children can use them freely to decorate their room. If you notice their belongings, you’ll see an assortment of stickers that may look random to you, but your child has certainly put some thought into their placement. More than any other artistic medium, the ready supply of stickers has become a child’s best friend.

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