5 Gift Ideas For Science Teachers

Posted on August 16 2021

After reviewing papers and working long hours in the classroom, your science teachers will need a break. One way you can put a smile on their faces is by giving them a gift to show your appreciation. Not sure what to give your favorite teachers? Fret not, here are some gift ideas for your favorite science teachers you can get from The Awkward Store.

A Medical-Themed Book, Lars the Awkward Yeti

Lars the Awkward Yeti was created by cartoonist Nick Seluk as a way to help him through his social anxiety. This book series was the first of his many projects. It is about Lars, a yeti who has trouble trying to get by in his daily life due to his social awkwardness. Lars the Awkward Yeti was, at first, self-published as a children’s book but eventually evolved into more adult-oriented comic strips. This has helped an audience of people who suffer from social anxiety, to realize that they are not alone.

Coffee is A Teacher’s Best Friend

Teachers always have to start their day early. Sometimes they even have to skip their morning coffee. Give them a coffee mug as a way to show how much you care for them. The best part is that every time they take a sip, it will remind them of their students. The Awkward Store carries many mugs with a variety of cartoon prints and designs. From the brain to the heart, your teachers will definitely find them funny.

Play A Game in Class

Playing games can be an excellent way to learn and to gain knowledge. And what better way to learn than to play a game in the classroom? OrganATTACK is a medical-themed tabletop card game designed by Nick Seluk. The objective of this game is to try to remove your opponent’s organ before they have a chance to remove yours. The winner will be the last person who still has at least one organ left. This game requires no medical knowledge and is a fun and interesting game for the whole class to enjoy.

Get Them A Bag or Fanny Pack

Are fanny packs cool? One thing is for sure, they are retro-looking and can store many essential items for easy access. With the cartoon illustration of the heart and the brain from Seluk’s book series, it will surely brighten any teacher’s day. This fanny pack comes with small pockets and is water-resistant for your peace of mind.

Give Them a Desk Makeover with Plushies

Looking for something to spice up your science teacher’s desk? Why not give them some anatomy-themed plushies? The Awkward Store features some very huggable and lovable plushies. Give them a heart plushie to show how much you love them or a brain plushie to tell them how much knowledge you have gained from them. Your teacher will be laughing at these cuties.

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