5 Fun Gifts Teachers Can Give To Their Students

Posted on February 01 2022

Whether you teach elementary school, middle school, or high school children, you must be aware that students love receiving gifts from their teachers. This is especially so when it comes to major holidays like Christmas or farewell gifts for when they leave your class to go to the higher grade. If you are a teacher who is wondering what gifts to get students, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer possibilities there are. Or perhaps, you are wondering what you can get on a limited budget. Here are five possible gift ideas that your students are sure to adore.

Board Games

If you are a teacher who feels that the best gifts are those that are shared, board games or educational card games are an excellent idea. Instead of letting your students run around purposelessly during break times, why not foster some class bonding by getting them to come together, learn and play? Such games are also a good idea if you wish to reward good behavior especially in young children. Seeing their classmates play with fun games in front of them is sure to encourage them to lend a helping hand to their classmates.


No – these are not coupons to be redeemed at the store but rather “redeemable” in your class. Examples of coupons can include a homework exemption which can excuse them from doing homework one day or a late submission pass wherein students are allowed to hand in a project past the deadline without penalty. For younger students, coupons can have extra time for play or let them sit anywhere they’d like in class. Despite being cheap, there’s nothing students like better than being given a free pass – quite literally!


Love for food is universal and school-going children are most certainly not exempt from this rule! Your best bet is to buy items in bulk which enables greater savings. Popcorn is a good idea especially if summer is approaching. If you want to encourage healthy eating, go for tangerines or grapes. For a real treat, you might want to buy donuts from the nearest bakery. An important point to note is to check with the parents about any allergies or food restrictions that the children may have.

Personalized Stationery

There’s nothing more unique than given children pencils with their names engraved on it or bookmarks with their names printed. Personalized stickers are also useful for young children so that they can label their belongings. These items can also be purchased in bulk for better rates. So, jazz up your Christmas presents by giving your students a bag with their personalized goodies!


Lanyards may sound boring, but they have become a necessity in almost any school as students attach their identification cards and hall passes to them for easy retrieval. So why not get your students fun lanyards with motivational quotes to make this aspect of their school life a little less dreary?

You can always combine these ideas to create the best farewell basket for your students – the possibilities are endless!

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