5 Decorative Items To Consider For A Pediatric Ward

Posted on February 07 2022

So, you’re a hospital administrator or perhaps a doctor or nurse who has decided to jazz things up a little by getting decorative items for the pediatric wards. It can get a little overwhelming as there are countless design ideas on the internet. Moreover, you’re on a tight budget so fancy decorations are off the table. This article will point you to five inexpensive but meaningful items that will not only brighten up a pediatric ward but also ensure the children feel safe and happy.


Displaying artwork on the walls can really liven up a space and pediatric wards are no exception. According to color psychology, murals should incorporate the four primary colors which enable them to be therapeutic. The murals should ideally be big so that it fully captures the attention of the child. Themed murals are even more appealing with different areas of the wards having different themes like space or animals. You might think that only professional artists can create beautiful murals, but many high school or college art students are looking for part-time jobs or volunteer opportunities during the summer break. Utilizing their talents is an excellent way to display art without breaking the bank.

Educational Posters

Children are curious by nature and if they are provided with items to read and learn from, they are likely to gravitate towards them. Educational posters are examples of such learning resources. They typically have colorful illustrations which appeal to a child and provide enough text to make them feel accomplished. So, get posters of varying themes and hang it up on your walls so that children can have fun and learn at the same time!

Board Games

If your pediatric ward has a designated area for children to sit in, providing them with board games has a threefold benefit. Firstly, games are easy to get lost in thereby making them a handy distraction. Secondly, it fosters cooperation amongst young children which most parents can agree is an essential life skill. Finally, board games ensure that children are developing their sensory skills. Board games or even fun card games can be bought second-hand to save costs.


If you’ve been to a child’s bedroom, you know that they have all manner of plushies on their bed, most likely all named and arranged in order of preference. Parents report that plushies are something that their children can’t sleep without as it helps ease anxiety, especially so for those who fear the dark. As such, they’re the perfect piece for vulnerable and frightened children navigating an unfamiliar pediatric ward.


Plants can liven up any room, especially if they’re brightly colored. You have two options here – either go for artificial flowers which appeal to children and are also therapeutic. They are inexpensive and require minimal maintenance. Real flowers add a sense of freshness, but they can be costly to purchase and maintain. This is especially because they attract insects and small animals. Moreover, some children may be sensitive to extremely fragrant flowers.

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